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A Passage Through Time: Abandoned Houses in KL (Part 3)

This awesome abandoned building is located at Sentul Park. If you are not familiar with Sentul Park, you might have heard of KLPac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) or Koi Centre, which is located at the same place. What is tricky about this abandoned house is that it is “owned” by YTL Group; therefore, all kinds of photoshooting activities are strictly forbidden here. There are several guards guarding the whole park all the time, and they will blow whistle at you whenever they see you doing anything suspicious… Luckily, there was no security guard near the abandoned house on the day that I took these valuable pictures, hehe!

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Echoes of Time: Abandoned Houses in KL (Part 2)

The abandoned houses at Maluri are probably the most famous abandoned houses in KL. What is so special about the abandoned houses here is that it is not just 1 building but a ROW of buildings. You will surely be impressed by its grandeur at first sight! I believe there used to be two rows of abandoned houses at that area, one has already been torn down, but you can still see it on google map:) I think the remaining one will be torn down very soon, since some constructions are going on nearby. Therefore, don’t hesitate to come here and take pictures of this beauty before it is too late… Another reason why Maluri abandoned houses have become so popular is because of its walls full of graffiti, which is great for model shooting as well.

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Repressed Memory of the City: Abandoned Houses in KL (Part 1)

Abandoned houses are always ideal locations for model shoot. You will be surprised to find that there are actually quite many abandoned houses hidden in KL. They are not very difficult to find if you are willing to spend the effort to look for them. Here are some of the amazing abandoned houses that I have “discovered” in KL and used for Dior’s model shoot last Saturday. Don’t ask me for their exact location. It’s “business secret”:)

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